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SendToGive provides a platform for artists
to collaborate to create social impact

We believe in the power of art and creativity to transform not only paper, paint, or clay, but the world around us. 


What is our mission?

It is our mission to enable people to apply their creativity for the benefit of society. We want to bring together artists from every discipline, age, and aspiration and enable them to collaborate on a platform that not only gives them visibility but a meaningful purpose behind their work. 


Ultimately, we want to mobilise communities to solve

real-world problems in a fun and creative way.

How do we work?


We work on a per-project basis and mix

the elements of creativity, culture, and social impact

into everything we do.


All community members of SendToGive currently work

as volunteers and we enrich individual contributors by enabling them to learn new skills, explore their creativity, and become part of a movement that can

inspire others and themselves

Our Team

Our team is made up of a wide spectrum of nationalities, personalities, and mentalities

 but are bound together by friendship and the willingness to try new, crazy things.


It is sometimes difficult to differentiate our work from our having fun together, and we like to keep it that way ;)

What is the meaning of SendToGive?


SendToGive found its beginnings at the height of the coronavirus pandemic when founder Jo Bautista began painting images of the coronavirus molecule with an eye at the center - a symbol of the empathy that she knew was needed during this shared

global challenge.


She then turned these paintings into postcards which people could send to one another across the world, enabling people to show support and connection despite the social isolation brought

about by quarantine.


Through the funds raised from people sending postcards, she was able to donate food packs to the homeless.


And so the idea of SendToGive was born, as you could

Send a postcard to Give hope. 

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