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The story of SendToGive starts in a place of fear and worry for the world, and continues

with creativity and collective action to bring back hope.

Listen to our story and take part in our journey in showing

those who need it the most that the world can be a beautiful place. 

We nurture a culture of helping by enabling people to come together

and use their creativity to do something good while having fun

Visit our social impact gallery to learn more about our projects

and see the smiling faces of the people we've helped.


Our 2022 Impact Report

This impact report captures the collaboration, design, and result of our first official project as a registered association in Berlin, which began with a Halloween party in Germany and ended with solar lamps to indigenous communities in the Philippines.

Our impact in action

We gave 179 solar lamps to people who live without electricity or light. Can you guess what happened next?

They showed us a pure sense of gratitude that truly warmed our hearts, as we hope it does yours.

Watch this video to hear the indigenous people in the Philippines

say thank you in different languages!

Our Story

Founded in the midst of a global pandemic, SendToGive is a ray of hope during times of crisis.

Listen to our story being told

on the stage of

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